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I have published two psychology books. The first describes my understanding of and approach to the treatment of women's depression. This book is suitable for both general and academic audiences.

The second is an edited book with Dr. Sue Johnson which brings together attachment researchers interested in couple and family treatments. This book is suitable for professionals and students in psychology, social work, and counselling.

In addition, I have published a part-memoir, part-social history, and part-research guide for the amateur family historian. The book cronicles my expedition into the past and tells the stories of the ancestors that had been hidden in my family attic for 200 years.

Postpartum Depressiongo back to top

What makes women depressed after having a baby?

Many of the same factors that are associated with depression at other times in women's lives. Postpartum depression occurs in a system that includes the partner.

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Women's depression is intimately linked to the quality of their relationships with partners and children.

Sexual Abuse and Traumago back to top

Why childhood sexual abuse is linked to adult distress.

Personality and Depressiongo back to top

Personality factors in depression.

Depression and Gendergo back to top

Why is women's risk for depression twice that of men's?

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